Mission Statement

A few years ago I bought a loose horse for my teenage daughter, thinking a bargain horse was the way to go. Well after three broken ribs and a fractured clavicle later, my mindset changed a little, well maybe not a just a little, but a lot! I can’t blame it all on the grade mare I was training, there was some operator error! Now that I am older and hopefully wiser for the wear!

A foundation bred horse is well worth the premium a person may have to pay from the get go! They are just that much easier to train, granted there are some exceptions, but generally speaking it is true! It comes from the breeding! A level headed stallion will pass it on to his foal as well as a leveled headed mare will also pass it on to her offspring. It’s all about the breeding!

Our program is all about disposition, if either the stallion or mare doesn’t show that all important trait, they are more then likely going down the road! In a foundation bred quarter-horse this trait is passed down from generation to generation. Good conscientious breeders take pride in promoting this trait. I feel our breeding program falls into that very important category. Don’t get me wrong our horses are proven performance horses and they also look pretty darn GOOD!